Monday, April 16, 2012

First Light Painting

The Device

Updated Wire Model

Reasoning behind the rewire is that the data is also grounded. Data ground does not work with a normal power ground.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Got my Bluetooth Adapter. Time to play with the Wiimote

Got my Bluetooth adapter so i decided to play around with C# and the Serial Communication to the Arduino.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Design Version 1 - MS Paintified

Design As of right now.

Parts Ordered!

I have done some research and determined the parts I will need for this project and they are currently ordered.

The parts I have chosen for this project are as follows:

Also I do have plans of making this portable so on my shopping list I do have
I already have an Arduino Mega ADK and a WiiMote in my possession so I do not need to purchase those!


My name is Mark Riley and I am a Applied Computer Science student at Arizona State University. The intention of this blog is to track and share my progress for my project in Embedded C Programming . The project I selected was to replicate an existing project over at

I will be performing baby steps since I am not familiar with Arduino capabilities nor am I experienced with serial communication or Wiimote interfacing utilizing C#.

The objectives i want to accomplish are as follows:
  1. Order the parts for my project
  2. Upon receiving parts; Construct Device.
  3. Interface Wiimote with my computer and create a sample program to test capabilities
  4. Create an Application using C# that gets information from the Wiimote in regarding LED's position. As the wii mote gets closer to the LED's the LED's will turn red. As the Wii mote gets further from the LED's turn blue.
This is all I want to plan for now so that way I can focus on the problems I experience with these first 4 objectives.